Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sam's Art Assignment

Here are the results of the art assignment I gave to Samuel this week. He was to complete one drawing of a bird but decided to go above and beyond the requirements. Here are two photo collages of Samuel's drawings. He drew these freehand by looking at photos of birds in our Birds of Indiana Field Guide. He thorougly enjoyed himself working on these drawings over several days this week.
Drawn by: Samuel (age 7)
Top left - Blue Jay, Top Right - Dark Eyed Junco, Bottom Left - Black Capped Chickadee, Bottom Right - Tufted Titmouse.

Drawn by: Samuel (age 7)
Top Left - House Wren (he had a little difficulty with this one), Top Right - Red-Winged Blackbird, Bottom Left - American Goldfinch, and Bottom Right - Northern Cardinal (our state bird)
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Lucky Elephant said...

Good Job, Sam!!

Vicki said...

Awesome art work!!!