Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our HomeSat Setup for Homeschooling

I offer you a photo today of our HomeSat setup. We use BJU HomeSat for some of our classes for the kids. The classes are broadcast via satellite which comes thru the BJU HomeSat receiver. We choose which classes we want to record and do so on the DVD hard drive recorder. After classes are recorded on the hard drive, Jeff then burns them to DVD. Finally, they are placed in our 400 DVD changer which will hold their place on up to 40 DVDs at a time. This is very helpful since we otherwise would spend too much time forwarding thru a DVD in order to get to the next lesson. One DVD holds one week of lessons for a particular subject. I took this photo while Sam was watching his Heritage Studies lesson today. It is a help to have some of their classes taught by someone else and yet we are all still able to be home together.
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Anonymous said...

We love Homesat too. Unfortunately, BJU will be discontinuing Homesat May 2009. Read about it at their website under distance learning announcements.