Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chocolate Ice Cream

Julissa enjoyed her chocolate ice cream.
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Les said...

I appreciate your help by commenting on my blog regarding picture posting. We were finally able to figure something out. Your children are all beautiful, and I noticed that your oldest received a book on the Titanic. My second in line, is also 9, and loves to do research on the Titanic. We took him, and one of his friends, to the Cincinnati Museum Center, to see Titanic the Exhibit. They loved it!

Vicki said...

I love seeing all the photos of the kids on your blog. Aunt Carol does also. She checks it out frequently as I showed her how to get to it. She really enjoys seeing her grandkids. Sometime I need to walk her through setting up an account so she could at least comment. She would like to do that but we haven't had a chance to get it done. Just thought you might enjoy knowing that she is loving your blog and thinks you are doing a wonderful job on it. She's commented to me several times about how much she likes it.

Dixie said...


I'm glad you were able to figure out how to post pictures. I would love to fit in a trip to Cincinnati to see the Titantic Exhibit. We had thought we were going to be able to do it in March but it fell through. So maybe between now and May 6th we can get there. I'm glad to hear from someone that was there and enjoyed it.

Dixie said...


Jeff and I didn't know that his mom checks our blog. When he say your note last night he said something about trying to set up Google Reader for her on her home page so she wouldn't have to spend time trying to get it to load up and then there not be anything new. I really enjoy using Google Reader as it is a definite timesaver.