Thursday, April 05, 2007

Field Trip to Cool Creek Nature Center

A mounted Owl sitting in his home. The name of his home is Oliver the Oak Tree.

This is Puff the Bearded Dragon (he is actually real).

A goose sitting on her nest.
She was not at the Nature Center but outside a Shopping Center nearby.

Today after picking up Curtis from his last day of taking Stanford Achiement Tests we went to Cool Creek Nature Center. They had a nature program entitled, "Animals of Spring with Safari Steve" from Silly Safaris. Safari Steve brought out animals one at time and talked with the kids about them. He let different kids come up and hold them or touch them. The first animal that we saw was a skunk. After that we saw a large toad, a blue-tongued skink, an owl, a boa constrictor, a rabbit and some cockroaches. After the talk we walked around the nature center and looked at the different displays containing real and mounted animals.

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