Monday, April 30, 2007

The Boxcar Children

Last night Alex came to me and told me that he could read The Boxcar Children books. So I had him read the first page to me and sure enough he read it quite well. He then got the first book in the series and read two chapters before going to bed. This morning he spent a lot of time reading and then not long after lunch he finished the book. He is my Kindergartner with whom I have not really spent much time school wise. My older two books read this series the summer between first grade and second grade. After he finished reading the book, he came and told me about some of the things he had read in the book. It is exciting to see a child move into chapter books. Welcome to the world of reading! Today I found a post that relates to this post but is said in oh so much better a way than I have done. Take some time to read this post. It is "Goodbye Dr. Seuss."

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Vicki said...

Awesome!!! I love to read!