Saturday, May 05, 2007

Julissa Studying Indiana History

It was a very busy day today. I was gone from home from around 12:45 PM until around 6:30 PM. I went to a mother-daughter lunch with the ladies from Union Friends Church and then I went shopping. I stopped at the Goodwill and purchased the entire Anne of Green Gables set in a slipcase along with a few other books. Then I headed to Kohls to try to find some clothes for Briana. I picked up a dress and a skirt both of which I will have to return as they do not fit right. Then I went to Wal-mart to get groceries and a few other things; to Hallmark to get a Mother's Day Card for my Mom; and then to home to put groceries away, eat supper fixed by my wonderful husband, and give baths to the kids. I sat down at the computer to blog and realized I hadn't taken any pictures today but noticed my camera was not where I had left it. So I checked the camera and lo and behold there were pictures on it. Briana told me that she had used the camera today. So another picture comes your way compliments of Briana.
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Misty said...

That is a great Picture!