Friday, May 11, 2007

Two Fridays in a Row

We visited here again this Friday. I certainly hope this is not a sign of Friday's to come. The kids are all doing better save Curtis. He was up again in the night with a fever and about passed out on me. I got him laid down in time to prevent him from passing out. I took him to the doctor and they gave it a big name which I don't remember. But basically he needs to take in more fluid than he takes in on a normal basis. So we are pushing more and more liquids in hopes that he will soon be over this stuff. The other kids are back to normal temps with just a cough remaining. Now to get caught up in all that fell behind this week.
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Leora said...

Sounds like NO FUN! I hope they all get over this sickness soon.

I love your pictures of the flowers ~Very Beautiful!

Brenda said...

Hope everyone is feeling better real soon!