Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My New Whiteboard

In my endeavor to become more organized this school year, I have created a Memo Board based on a terrific idea I found on another website. In pricing whiteboards I realized that they were more money than I wanted to spend so used another great idea I came across on the MFW message boards. I purchased Thrifty Tile Board from Home Depot for right under $10.00 before tax and had the board cut into 12 whiteboards (16"w x 24"h). I used Velcro strips to fasten it to my pantry door. I then took Sharpies to write on all my constants (i.e., squares, rectangles, headings, etc.). Then we use dry erase markers to fill in the blanks. I don't like the tips of the dry erase markers I purchased so plan to go and purchase some with ultra fine points. Since taking the picture I have also added another heading under my menu. I have listed "Meal Helper" and then will list the child's name for that day. I will post more later about my routine schedule for the children.
ADDENDUM: After using this for a few days I decided that I didn't like having two days worth of menus on the board so I removed the second day and used the empty spot for a shopping list. If you read my post you may realize that I wrote my constants on with a sharpie. I was able to erase the things written with the sharpie by writing over it with a dry erase marker and then simply erasing.
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Brenda said...

Cool idea!

LaDonna said...

Can't wait to hear more about this. I had some friends that also purchased this tile from Home Depot because of the cost of a whiteboard. Looks like it works!