Friday, August 17, 2007

Down Memory Lane

Jeff headed to Halstead, KS last Saturday for his 20th High School Reunion. This is a picture he took as he was coming into Halstead. In the distance one can see the Halstead water tower.

The house Jeff lived in until he was five years old. Jeff rode his tricycle down the front steps resulting in some large bumps and bruises.

The house Jeff lived in from the time he was five years old until he was in graduate school.

The doors through which Jeff entered Kindergarten.

The grade school cafeteria (left of entry) and gymnasium (right of entry).

The high school Jeff attended and where his dad taught for many years. The taller building in the foreground is a new gym. *(Photo courtesy of classmate Melisa)

The chemistry building at WSU where Jeff spent many years studying and working.

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