Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bathroom Makeover!

Sample border I am wanting to put in this bathroom.

My new mirror!

A new picture.

A picture I have had in here for a long time.

We just had our half bath repainted a red, red wine. At the beginning of this bathroom makeover we had it painted a passoniate plum which neither my husband or I ended up liking so had it repainted to its present color. I wish I would have thought to have taken a picture of it painted passoniate plum but alas no picture of our bathroom at that stage.

My real reason for posting is to ask my sister Heidi for some decorating help! I am in need of some decorating ideas to finish it off. For instance, what should I put below the first picture. I have a sconce that needs to be repaired and then it can go back to its home beside the second picture. Do you have any suggestions for towel colors? Any other help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Leora said...

Very Elegant and Beautiful! I love your border!