Sunday, September 16, 2007

Making Memories with My Sisters

On Saturday afternoon I picked up my sister Holly and we went to Centerville, IN to meet my sister Lyndi. We spent the afternoon looking through antique shops and an antique mall in Centerville. The antique mall was so large that we ended up having to leave before we saw everything in the place. As we strolled down Main Street in Centerville we came across the Old Salisbury Court House. It was closed but we walked around it, peered in the windows, and took pictures of it. After spending the afternoon browsing through town we left and headed toward Richmond, IN to find something to eat for supper. Before we ate we stopped by the Madonna of the Trail monument there in Richmond. After leaving there we found a Cracker Barrell and enjoyed supper together. Then we each headed home.

Lyndi and Holly sitting on a bench outside the Old Salisbury Court House.

My sisters told me to look in this small white building through the small window on the left. So I did and below you will see what I saw.

The Engineer

A monument dedicated to the pioneer women of the west. Her she stands with one child in her arm, one clinging to her skirts and a gun in her other hand.

Check out her gun and boots.

A sign marking the First Toll Gate in Indiana. It was located right next to the Madonna of the Trail.

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