Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Few Autumn Photos

A Maple Tree two doors down.

A photo looking down the street a little further.

A photo taken from the stop sign on the next street.

A photo taken from the stop sign at the end of our subdivision.

I took these photos tonight on the way out of our subdivision on my way to the grocery store.
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LEORA said...

Very beautiful trees! I am still (impatiently) waiting for our trees to turn. :~) I guess I'll just enjoy yours until then. :~)

Nancy said...

Pretty pictures. Looks like you are having a beautiful fall in your part of the country! Not sure how our leaves are going to do since it was a dry summer.
I enjoy your music on your blog....always very pretty. Also....I liked the "Days till Christmas" countdown. Very cute.....I might just have to copy that one! Hope that's ok :)

Dixie said...

It has been a pretty fall but it has been windy and rainy here the last couple days so the leaves are rapidly falling. I don't mind at all if you copy the "Days till Christmas Countdown". Thanks for answering my question about your pictures.