Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Master Bathroom

We had our master bathroom painted a dark purple. It is actually called tannin. I like it but I think maybe the room needs a border to lighten it a little. Below are a few pictures of the bathroom.

The pictures in the bathroom are ones I have had in there for quite sometime. There is nothing new except the paint.

The only window in the bathroom.

Julissa's rubber ducks on my tub.
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Nancy said...

I'm always scared of this much color on my walls, but it looks really good on yours. that's always the way it is....I love it in someone else's house and I'm scared to try it in my own! Looks really pretty though.

V said...

I love the color. Some greenry would add a nice touch. It looks great!!

Dixie said...

The first dark color we tried was in our downstairs half bath and it was called passionate plum. We ended up changing it to a red, red wine because neither Jeff nor I liked it. My b-i-l who painted the room for us said that thought that there was just a little too much passion in that plum. After we finally got a dark color we liked we ventured out and tried these other two rooms. I am really glad we did. We have lived with the bisque beige throughout our entire house for the last 8 years so it is nice to have a little color now.