Friday, October 05, 2007

More Pictures of Half Bath Redo

The floral rug I found at Linens-N-Things.

A new stand. I took this clock off my mantel so I am now on a search for a new mantel clock. Instead of buying each other gifts for our anniversary we pick out one gift together. We have not done that yet this year so we are going to get a new mantel clock for our anniversary gift. Any recommendations as to where to look for one? We have looked at Kohls and J.C.Penney's and have not found anything that we would want on our mantel.

I found this Jasmine Lantern at Linens-N-Things and I love it. I put an Everlasting Candle in it. I love candles but don't burn them because they bother my allergies. So this candle is wonderful because it looks real but runs on batteries.

Thank you Dad for putting in my new faucet. I know it has been awhile but thank you again.
As soon as I get to Linens-N-Things, I am going to replace that charming gold candle with an Everlasting Candle.

The new arrangement on the large wall in the bathroom. I have yet to decide for sure what I am going to do with these heart sconces, but I am thinking of enlisting my sister's help. I think I want a cascading floral arrangement on each of these. Any thoughts?

My new curtain rod. A paint touch-up now necessary!

A few things left to do and my bathroom will be complete. I told Jeff I would like a small fountain that plays nature sounds (great Christmas gift idea) to put on the middle shelf of the stand. As long as it has taken me to do this small little room, I don't think I will be redoing any more rooms for awhile. Decorating is definitely not my thing. I cannot picture things in my head, so I have to try it and see if I am going to like it before knowing if that is what I want. To give you an example, I bought two stands for this bathroom to try out before making my decision. Then I returned the other one.
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Lucky Elephant said...

It's beautiful Dixie-poo!! I really like the stand and the Jasmine Lantern. and the mirror and the rug, etc. :-)

Heidi said...

Great Job! You should really start another room!

Dixie said...

Thank You Girls!

Patty said...

Love the bathroom. I love dark colors on walls. Your decorations are really cute.
It was good to see you saterday.

Heidi said...

Hi Dixie. Could we have something more inspiring than bathroom shots---something like your lawnmower or the engine in your car?:)


Brenda said...

I like this color too! It's amazing what paint does to a room.

Anonymous said...

Here is a tip on how to remodel your half bathroom