Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rice and Vocabulary

If you are interested in helping to provide for the hungry and improving your vocabulary click on this link: http://freerice.com/index.php. For every vocabulary word answered correctly there will be 10 grains of rice donated to the hungry.

P.S. They are now donating 20 grains of rice for every correct word.


Liz said...

That's cool! Darrell and I worked together and donated over 1,000! :>)

~Heather~ said...

I'm sure that if Phillip saw your word post, he would do good at it. Right now I'm too nauseated to concentrate. =(

I just posted my roll recipe and 3 yummy versions of how to make cinnamon rolls with that dough, ENJOY! =D

Have a wonderful day.

Love, Heather and baby =)

Heidi said...

Loved it! You know I'm a word person. Donated over 2,000 in a few min. Pretty cool!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Apparently I desperately need to be donating some rice. I clicked on your little "reading level" link. Turns out you only have to have a junior high reading level to comprehend my blog. Yikes! I'd better get busy with this rice thing. lol

Randel Family said...

James and I donated over 3000. There is also another way to help feed the hungry . You can help through Reliv. They have a Kalogris Foundation that feed over 10,000 children a day.

Holly said...

You find the most abstruse things to put on your blog. It is very hard to egress once you get started. My boys are all eager to try this out.

Nana said...

Thanks for the info Dixie-
I just noticed your comment on my blog. Thanks.
I never did receive your email.
but this is just as good.
It is a small world. The mom of my son-in-law that you are talking about is a great person. She is wonderful. Love your blog.