Saturday, January 12, 2008


We have been trying out our new camera over the past several days and here are a couple of pictures of Julissa that I thought were cute.
Jeff took this one of her within the last several days.

I took this one of her tonight. Her mouth was full of milk. She woke up early in the morning not feeling well but seems to be feeling better for which I am very thankful.


LaDonna said...

Somehow I cannot find where you told what kind of camera you got for Christmas? Did I miss that? I'd love to know.

Dixie said...


No, you didn't miss it. I haven't really said a whole lot because I am debating on whether I am going to keep it or get something else. I got a Nikon D40. I have been reading reviews and doing some other research trying to decide if I want to go with Nikon or another brand. I still haven't come to a definite conclusion. Thank you for your answer the other day in regards to your camera. Dixie

LaDonna said...

I really enjoyed my film Nikon, but I decided to go with Cannon for digital specifically because it was something I could afford. As far as the Nikon being able to outperform the Cannon, that's not happened. I love my Cannon!!! But my pocket point and shoot is a Nikon!! :)