Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weingard Family Christmas

This year our family all got together the weekend before Christmas at Mom and Dad's home on the campus of AWC in Salem, OH. The last time we got together at Mom and Dad's for Christmas was in 1998 at their home on the campus of GBS in Cincinnati, OH. At that time there were only two of the five girls married and just four grandkids making a total of thirteen people. This year there were 26 of us including my sister's boyfriend. Below are a few pictures from our time together.

Dad and Mom

Jeff, Dixie and Kids

Tim, Holly and Kids

Mike and Heidi

James, Jodi and Kids

Matt (*still just her boyfriend) and Lyndi*

My Dad

My Mom

The Whole Clan

Grandma with Julissa (Dixie's youngest) and Jesherlah (Jodi's youngest).

Papa, Grandma, and all 14 grandkids.

Papa and Julissa

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~*Amber*~ said...

Hi... you probably don't know me or remember me but a few months ago I "found" you on Nicole Cassady's blog and we were talking about when they were at Venus PHC. Now, I found THIS on your blog and definitely KNOW who you are lol. My mom knows your parents very well. Weird how connections can be made.

Sorry to hear of your grandma's passing!