Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lincoln's Birthday

Today in honor of Lincoln's birthday we read together The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln, illustrated by Michael McCurdy. Curtis is working on memorizing The Gettysburg Address and I think this book will be of great help to him in doing so as he is very much a visual learner. After our reading together I had each one of the boys choose a book about Lincoln to read on their own. Alex chose If You Grew Up with Abraham Lincoln by Ann McGovern, Samuel's choice was Abraham Lincoln by Ann Colver (part of the Garrard History Series - a Discovery Book) and Curtis chose Young Able Lincoln by Cheryl Harness and Abe Lincoln goes to Washington by Cheryl Harness. After they finished reading they each took turns sharing with us something they learned through their reading. I will also leave these books out on display through President's Day so that they may read and learn more about Lincoln as time and interest allows. I have found that if I pull together and display books we own on the topic I am wanting them to read more about that a lot more gets read then if they are left to search through the bookcases on their own.

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