Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Baskets

When I was growing up, we always had Easter baskets on Sunday morning before going to church. Mom and Dad always hid our baskets and it was always a fun time looking for them. We have never done that for our own kids. We have just always had the baskets sitting on our mantle but we were at Mom's this year and we decided to hide the baskets for the kids this year. I believe that they enjoyed it. Below are a few pictures of the kids with their baskets or should I say buckets. If I don't I am sure I shall be corrected by one of my sisters. Hmm... wonder which one that would be?!
Curtis finding his basket behind the chair.
Samuel found his under the dining room table.

Alex - I don't recall where it was as I didn't hide it. Not that I hid any of them - my little sister did it all! Isn't she sweet!

Briana - ditto
Julissa's basket was sitting on the floor behind a pillow. She didn't see it at first but she saw Daddy with a bucket the same color as her bucket and thought he had her's. It took us a bit to convince her that it was indeed not her bucket.
All five!

Samuel excited over something!
The two girls checking out their stuff!

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