Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Weekend

Four of the five kids playing Racko at Papa and Grandma's.

Samuel, Ana, and Alex waiting to hunt for Easter eggs. Aunt Lyndi and Curtis are hiding them. Each of the oldest four kids took turns hiding them with Aunt Lyndi. They hid 68 eggs and I think we came home missing one. So somewhere in Mom's house there remains an egg.

The five kids getting ready to color Easter eggs.

A work in progress!

Curtis putting his egg in the coloring.
Samuel either putting his egg in or taking it out.

Alex checking his egg with the proper equipment.

Briana checking out her hands!

Julissa having fun!

Look, two eggs!

Check this one out!

A closer look!

Three of the five enjoying themselves.

A group shot of all five with Aunt Lyndi in the background.

Aunt Lyndi trying to get a picture of the Julissa.

The girls showing off their eggs!
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