Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Where I Grew Up!

Below are some pictures of the area where I grew up. There were many more pictures I would have loved to have taken but time was not on our side so we took a few and moved on down the road.
The house where I grew up. Our house at one time actually looked like the house in the second picture down from this one. Then my Dad added on three bedrooms along the side of the house and then he redid the front porch to make it enclosed. It is now a camp.

Across the road from the house where my sisters and I grew up. This is actually part of the Allegheny National Forest.

Our next door neighbor's house. This place was only a camp for some people from the Cleveland, Ohio area. It is still a camp but is now owned by the family of the people who owned the next house down.

This is looking down the lane from the house where we grew up. My sisters and I took many a ride down this hill on runner sleds. At the bottom of the hill are the mailboxes for those that live back the lane.

This is looking up the lane towards the house.

The sign at the end or beginning of the lane depending on whether you are coming or going. It was at the end for us as we were going when we were taking these pictures.
Another picture at the end of the lane looking across the highway.

We are heading down the highway here towards Tionesta.

Here we just took a shot looking into the woods along the highway.
The spring where we occasionally got water to drink.

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