Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daniel Boone's Home - Defiance, MO

On Wednesday we went to Daniel Boone's Home in Defiance, MO. We really enjoyed touring the home and Boonesfield Village which is down behind the home. The village is made up of buildings from the same time period that have been brought in from the surrounding area.

The front of Daniel Boone's Home

The back of Daniel Boone's Home

The side view of the home as we were walking up to tour it.

Here we are looking at the home from the valley below where the village is located.

This is looking from the home down in the valley.

The Springhouse

The Judgement Tree

Lavender in the small garden in the village.
The Cabinet Shop

Old Peace Chapel

It is really pretty inside. They wouldn't allow us to take pictures inside but here is a link to a few pictures online. It is actually booked for weddings on occasion.

A view of the Old Peace Chapel from across the field.

A Grape Arbor

An Old Wagon

Alex looking at the sheep

A house that belonged to Jemima Boone (daughter of Daniel Boone). It has been brought on the property and is being reconstructed.

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