Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandma Wade's 90th Birthday Party!

This past weekend we were in Kansas to celebrate Jeff's grandmother's 90th birthday. Below are a few pictures from our time together. Thank you, Vicki, for the use of your camera after the sad demise of mine.

The beautiful cake!

The cake was made by Sheila (granddaughter-in-law).

Grandma with her six kids and their spouses.

Grandma with the grandchildren minus two. All but one of the grandchildren were able to attend Grandma's 90th birthday celebration.

Our family with Grandma.

Jeff and his sisters.

Jeff with his cousin Vicki.

While the adults visited, the kids played in the gym where the A/C wasn't working. As a result we had some very sweaty, thirsty, and tired children.


Drew and Deanna

Jeff with Julissa who had missed too many naps earlier in the week and decided to get one in while she could.

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