Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lambert's Cafe

I am posting out of order but I will start at the beginning of our story for this post. We left home Wednesday morning just one hour later than we planned. That is really good for us! We were headed for Defiance, MO (post to come later). While traveling down I-70 west we all of a sudden heard a terrible noise. Jeff thought that maybe he had hit some rubber tread from a truck tire but the noise continued so we pulled off at the next exit. Needless to say it was our tire that had lost rubber. While he looked at the damage, I went into a nearby garage to ask where we could possibly get new tires. They directed us to the next exit. After getting there, the shop got us right in and put on new tires and wired up the running board that had been ripped loose by the flopping rubber. While we waited we went ahead and ate lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant(Pedro's - off the Cloverdale exit on I-70 West). The food was really good and the service was great. Amidst the turmoil, I never thought to get out the camera and take pictures of the restaurant, the damage to our vehicle, or the shop where it was fixed. Our original plans had included us reaching Ozark, MO in time to eat the evening meal at Lambert's Cafe. We made it in time to eat but with little time to spare. Below are a few pictures of our time at Lambert's.

Check out the decor!

Jeff and Alex


Julissa and Yours Truly

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