Saturday, September 06, 2008

Late Summer Vacation

We left on Friday the 4th of September to head to Plymouth, MA for a week long vacation. We arrived on Saturday after driving through the night Friday! We got here just hours before Tropical Storm Hannah. But all we got was wind, rain, and a short break in electricity during the night and terrific waves the next day.

The Cape Cod Home we rented in Plymouth, MA just a short distance from a private beach.

Jeff in the kitchen. We cooked all but one meal while we were here on vacation. My husband actually did a lot of the cooking. It is great to have a husband that helps out in the kitchen!

The dining room where we ate all our meals and spent some time playing games. The table is square. It was great for mealtime in providing plenty of room. But it was a little difficult to play games around. The rest of the game playing time was spent in the family room.

The family room.

The fireplace.

The bedroom where the boys slept. There were two twin beds and then we used an air mattress on the floor for the third boy.

The bedroom where the girls slept. There were two twins beds in here also.

The Master Bedroom with a King size bed.

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Brenda said...

Wow - what a nice place! Looks like you had a good vacation.