Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Atlantic Ocean

We checked into our vacation rental, unloaded, and headed to the ocean. We stayed there until it started to rain and then we headed for the house. It is amazing the difference in how the ocean looks with clouds overhead to later on in the week when it is sunny. I will post some of those pictures later, but for now here are pictures from our first day at the ocean this year.

Cape Cod Bay

My husband doing what he likes best. Most every morning he was up long before the rest of us and would head to the ocean to sit for 1 - 1 1/2 hours alone.

This is looking down the beach to the right of where we came down.

This is looking down the beach to the left. Those are my kids scattered about in the distance.


The only picture I have of Samuel from the first day. He was almost always busy and never still. The kids liked to climb on these rocks but they were most definitely slippery. We were at the ocean many times over the course of the week so we saw it when the tide was in and when it was out. It was quite fascinating. There were times that one couldn't see a lot of these rocks because of the tide being in.


I thought this sand was so interesting. As the waves would wash to shore, it would leave behind this smooth sand with black across the top. Briana must have found it fascinating as well.

Behind her and to the right you can see the steps we walked down to get to the ocean.

Samuel and Jeff

A large house on the bluff.

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