Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Night's Update - Critical Condition

Today Dad was having trouble waking and didn't know the correct year and couldn't tell them his name, etc. So he was taken in for a CT Scan in the early afternoon. A blood clot was found in a ventricle within the brain. There has also been some bleeding within a ventricular cavity in the brain. Later this evening a second CT Scan was done to see if there was any change. At that time things were basically the same - not any better but not any worse. The hope is that this clot will break up and begin to reabsorb. Otherwise, Dad will have to go through another surgery where a ventric drain will be put in through the skull into the ventricle to drain some fluid to relieve pressure. This will not be done unless absolutely necessary due to the many complications that could arise by doing so. He will be monitored through the night and as long as his symptoms stay the same nothing will be done. Then between 6 and 7 a.m. Colorado time, he will go in for another CT Scan to check for any changes.

There is also a possibility of a yeast infection that he is being treated for while we wait for results on the blood cultures that were taken this morning.

I will continue to update as I know more. Thank you for praying.

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Gayle said...

You all our in our thoughts and prayers.