Saturday, October 04, 2008

Prayer Request - For My Dad

My Dad (Francis Weingard) was in an auto accident on Thursday morning and is in ICU in St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. He has two skull fractures, a ruptured right ear drum, a ruptured vessel behind his nose, three fractured ribs, a bruised heart, bruised lungs (one lung partially collapsed), a fractured right wrist, a severe compound fracture of his upper left arm and elbow. He had no memory of the accident but today is beginning to realize what happened to him. Actually, all of his short term memory has been relatively poor since the accident. The cardiologist believes that he also had a heart attack sometime after the impact.

On Thursday evening Dad underwent surgery. The doctor set and splinted his right wrist, cleaned out his left arm, put in a drain, and temporarily pinned it.

Sunday morning he will undergo more exploratory surgery of his left arm.

Then on Wednesday he will have extensive reconstructive surgery of his left arm and right wrist.

He has artificial heart valves which require him to take a blood thinner. But the surgery requires him to stop taking his blood thinner and this greatly increases the risks of surgery for him.

Our greatest concerns at this point are the possibility of his arm becoming infected, the possibility of complications associated with the surgeries, and the short term memory loss that prevents him from fully understanding where he is and why he is there.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Dixie and Family


Vicki Clifton said...

We are praying for you and your family! Love you!

Brenda said...

We had special prayer in chapel here at GBS for your dad on Friday and will continue to pray for him. Keep us posted.

Carol Clevenger said...

My mom called after church Sunday Morning. We requested prayer in our church in Washington, PA Sunday evening. We are praying for you and your whole family, and for a special touch of God's healing power on your Dad.

emily said...

Our church has been praying for your dad during this very difficult time. We wanted you to know your whole family is in our thoughts and prayers. The Pilmore family