Friday, October 17, 2008

Today's Update on Dad

Dad has had many tests run yesterday and today. There have also been many exams by numerous doctors. He is being kept sedated and on a ventilator. He will remain on the ventilator until after surgery on Monday. At which time they will begin to wean him off of it.

He is currently being fed through a tube that goes into the stomach. He has lost a lot of weight so he is being fed that which will help with weight gain, provide nutrition, and help the healing process.

The bleeding is not coming from the left carotid artery like was thought at the previous hospital, but from a vessel behind the nose. There are many more complications besides the bleeding. Here are a few of the problems that will be repaired during major surgery on Monday:

Fractures behind a sinus area that will have debris and fragments removed.

All the packing in the sinus areas from this past Monday will be removed.

Possible vascular repair.

It is believed that there is fluid leaking from the brain which will be repaired by grafting membrane from the nasal passage to repair the area where fluid is leaking.

There is a fracture in his jaw joint behind his left ear that is causing the buildup of fluid - this will be taken care of by the placement of a tube in his left ear.

Checking of both ears to see if there is more damage to be repaired.

This Major surgery is scheduled for Monday at 7:30 a.m. Colorado time - which is 8:30 a.m. CST and 9:30 a.m. EST. Please continue to pray for Dad as he goes through surgery and for Mom as she waits.

There is also damage to his right carotid artery such that they will need to put in a stent. This will not be done until towards the end of next week or possibly later. It will be done after Dad has time to recover from the surgery on Monday and build some strength.

A praise note - his lung that was partially collapsed is now fully fuctioning.

Here is the address for Dad, if you would like to send a card.

Swedish Medical Center
501 E. Hampden Ave.
Englewood, CO 80113
ATTN: Francis Weingard
Critical Care Unit A Rm. 3-135

Thank you for continuing in prayer with us and a thank you to all of you that have left comments.

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sankey family said...

Dixie and family,
We are praying for your dad and especially this coming Monday and the major surgery he is facing.
~ The Sankeys