Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update on Dad

Please continue to pray for Dad as they will be flying him to a hospital in the Denver, Co area today. We still do not know the next step that will be taken in regards to the repair of this artery, other than the fact that is beyond what they can do where he is now. So continue to pray for wisdom for those that will be making this decision.

Pray for safety as my sister and possibly my Mom (we don't know yet if she will be allowed to go on the flight with him) make the five hour drive to Denver today. Also pray for another sister of mine, her husband, and family as they too are on the road to Colorado today.

Thank you all for praying and for continuing in prayer.

Update: All have arrived safely at the hospital. Dad has already had tests run and we are now awaiting news from the doctors.


Vicki Clifton said...

We will pray!

Bev said...

Just want you to know your in my prayers.