Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We are Thanking the Lord!

Dad came through his 5 hour surgery on his arms amazingly well. The orthopedic surgeon came to talk to us and was very pleased with how things went. She was able to put his left arm back together using only one plate instead of two. She said she went through 3 drill bits putting the screws in, which made her very happy. His bones are very hard and strong. She repaired his right wrist with a metal plate. She also had to insert a pin, because the ligament was torn from his ulna. This pin should be removed in approximately 6 weeks.

Any wrapping and or casting on his left arm will be removed by Friday, at which time they will begin therapy. At that time his arm will be in a hinged splint. It was originally thought that Dad would only have 45 degree extension of his left arm, but the surgeon was able to extend it fully and therapy will be done with that goal in mind. The wrapping and casting on his right arm will be removed on Monday and therapy will begin.

The next 24 hours will be crucial as they cannot start to thin his blood again until 4:00 tomorrow morning. The surgeon was amazed at how well things went together. That was definitely an answer to prayer. The surgeon said she definitely felt the presence of God during surgery. The nurse said in regards to his brain bleed that she has never seen one stop and reverse as quickly as his did. They usually cause extensive brain damage. She agreed that it was definitely God, because there was nothing they could do to intervene. So A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS. God is good!!!

Written by: Heidi

Posted by: Dixie


The Sayler Family said...

Dixie - we are so thankful for how the Lord has helped your dad. It is truly a miracle! Just so you know, I copied Heidi's update onto my blog because I was too exhausted to type one out myself - besides, I definitely couldn't say it any better than that:)

Beth Stetler said...

Thank the Lord for His help to your Dad during this traumatic time. We will continue to pray.