Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's Update

Dad got himself up into a sitting position on the side of his bed. Then with the help of his walker and the therapist he got to the chair. The speech therapist was in again today to put the electrodes on his neck to stimulate the muscles in his throat. She also gave him applesauce to eat. He is more coherent today, but is still having difficulty with his attention span and memory.

According to this morning's CT Scan the blood from the brain bleed has reabsorbed. The swelling and hydrocephalus has not changed much. The neurologist (a new one today to Dad's case) feels that with time and exercise of the brain things will return to normal. We hope and pray that is so.

The plan is to start Dad on a low dose of Heparin today with a gradual increase towards the therapeutic level. If he can reach that level by Monday with no ill effects, he will be taken off of the heparin. He will then be given a higher dose of lovenox in the form of a daily shot until he can resume taking coumadin. Please pray that another brain bleed doesn't occur with the restart of Heparin.

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