Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday's Update

Dad's feedings via the tube into the stomach appear to be going well. He is experiencing some soreness around the incision site in the abdomen, but that is to be expected. His TPN via the veins will be discontinued today. This discontinuation will be a good thing because his liver enzymes continue to rise a little. The doctors feel that this rise in enzymes is due to the TPN.

He is running a fever again today. Tests will be run to try and find the source.

He continues to remain on aspirin and lovenox. A CT Scan will be done tomorrow morning and if all remains stable, he will be started on the blood thinners.

Please pray that no more brain bleeds occur from restarting the blood thinners and that he doesn't have a stroke due to being off the blood thinners. His need for blood thinners are due to the fact that he has two artificial heart valves and he also has dissection of three arteries due to the accident.

We are thankful that he is out of Critical Care and in a room on the neurology floor.

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