Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday's Update

Dad remains very sleepy and incoherent today. His blood thinners are going to be withheld again. Of course, that is of great concern due to the risks involved in doing so. But the Neurologists and Neurosurgeon are wanting another CT Scan done tomorrow along with a spinal tap. They are wanting to check Dad's protein levels in his CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid). They are also wanting to see what kind of effect it has on him by withdrawing some of that fluid. The Neuro doctors are thinking at this point that Dad may need to have a shunt put in to drain off excess fluid. We won't know for sure until after these tests are done tomorrow.

The Neurosurgeon did say this morning that Dad's last scan showed that a large amount of the blood has been reabsorbed. But the swelling still remains in the left ventricle along with excess fluid. These things are the cause of Dad's sleepiness and incoherency.

The Infectious Disease Doctor has taken Dad off his antibiotics, but will continue to watch him for any more signs of infection. She isn't wanting to put Dad on another antibiotic unless it is really necessary.

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