Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday's Update

Things continue to remain stable in regards to the brain bleed. Dad has been started on aspirin as an attempt at preventing clots in the arteries. The neurologists are talking of starting him back on his blood thinners on Monday if all remains stable.

He continues to have a difficult time getting words out, but I was able to make out today that he was asking for the date and wanting to know the name of the place where he is.

He is up in a chair again today and is doing much better at being able to sit without just slumping off to one side. Again, it is definitely going to be a long slow process in regaining strength, etc. The more he is able to understand and process what is wanted of him, the more they will be able to do. Again, this is going to take time as the blood from the brain bleed is still reabsorbing and breaking down.

A swallow evaluation was done again today and will be redone again tomorrow. They have not been able to determine for sure that some of it is not entering the lungs. Therefore, he is still being feed intravenously.

He is still having some fever and again cultures are still negative so it is not certain why he has the fever.

The plan today is to move him from Critical Care to the Neuro Floor in the main hospital. I will update later with the new room number.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. Providing there are no more setbacks, the plan from here will be to go to in-house rehabilitation. It is still to be determined as to where rehabilitation will be. If possible, we would like to see it closer to Mom and Dad's home on the Western Slopes of Colorado. We should know before too long if all continues to progress as expected.

Please continue to pray.

Addendum: His new room number is Rm. 9-271.

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