Friday, November 14, 2008

An Update on Dad

My updates on Dad will be back to secondhand. So if the updates don't seem as thorough that is why. I made it home safely yesterday, but ended the day on the couch with a terrible headache.

I talked with Mom yesterday on my way home and she said that Dad's speech was much clearer yesterday. He is still having difficulty holding his train of thought long enough to complete his sentences so you still don't always understand what he is trying to say.

The therapist was in again yesterday to get Dad up. She had him walk (with her help and the help of a walker) out of his room and down the hall a little ways. She then had him sit in a chair for a little while and he was then able to get back up and walk back to his room with all the help mentioned above. We are very thankful for this progress.

The speech therapist was in again yesterday and she had Dad swallowing some thickened juice and then Mom gave him teaspoons of water throughout the Dad. There hope is that today he can have the swallow test done and pass it. I really hope so because Dad is so wanting to eat food and has been really discouraged about his progress.

The neurosurgeon was in yesterday and he is pleased with Dad's progress. He feels that we are finally at the place where he is pressing forward 2 steps and back 1 step rather than 2 steps back and 1 forward. He was also pleased with the way Dad was able to enunciate the words he did get out yesterday. So unless he regresses, they do not plan to do another CT Scan.

His blood levels are still being watched in regards to a possible bleed in the GI tract. So far everything continues to remain stable. As long as things continue to remain stable, he will be restarted on his coumadin again tonight.

The internal medicine doctor said that we are not totally out of the woods yet, but there is progress being made.

We are thankful for the progress we are seeing. Please continue to pray for them. Pray for Lyndi as well as she will be flying out today to be with Mom and Dad for awhile.

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