Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday's Update

Things remain stable today. Dad is a little more alert today and was up in a chair for an hour. He is still unable to get his thoughts presented coherently and he realizes that and it frustrates him. The doctor said this morning that it could be anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks to 2 - 4- 6 months before the blood from this last bleed in the brain reabsorbs and things hopefully return to normalacy in that regard. The CT Scan that was done yesterday showed the brain bleed as stable - not worse but not better.

He also had an EEG done yesterday in which no abnormalities were found.

He continues to remain off all his blood thinners and will be until at least next week. This poses potential risk of a stroke in relation to his heart valves, but the neurologists feel at this time that the risks of more bleeding in the brain by giving him the blood thinners too soon outweigh the other risks.

He is still running a fever this morning and things continue to be checked in order to find the source of that fever.

Please continue to pray that the source of the fever will be found, that the blood in the brain will reabsorb without further complications, and that he will not have a stroke due to being off the blood thinner.

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