Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Update

Dad did not aspirate at all during the Barium Swallow test. He has been put on a pureed diet. He is having some trouble with food sticking in his throat. So he had electrodes placed on his neck to stimulate the muscles in his throat. This morning he was given cream of wheat and thickened apple juice. He is still being fed through the feeding tube as he is not up to eating all that would be needed. He is also back on fluids through IV as it seemed like he was a little dehydrated.

He was up walking again today with his walker and therapist. He was able to walk further today before sitting down. The therapist said that if he was to be sent to a place for rehabilitation he would be be ready for subacute rehab. But he is definitely not being released from the hospital yet. We are hoping that by the time he is able to be released, he will be ready for acute rehab. Acute rehab is the step above subacute. It requires three hours of therapy per day.

He was taken off his blood thinner again yesterday due to fresh blood being in his stool. The GI doctor was in today to see him. The plan is to do a colonoscopy tomorrow to see if the cause can be found.

We still have not heard the results of his echo cardiogram. Will update when I do.

Lyndi said that Dad was a little incoherent tonight. We are hoping that it is just due to the long day that he had. We should know more tomorrow in this regard.

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