Tuesday, December 02, 2008

An Early Tuesday Update

In the night, Dad had an episode where his heart rate went really high and the rhythm was irregular. He is on a medication now that is seeming to get it under control. Somehow in the transfer from one hospital to the next, the information in regards to the episode he had like this before and the fact that he was on a beta blocker and aspirin was never passed on to the current hospital. So he had been without these medications since this past Friday.

We finally have information back on all 4 blood cultures and all 4 of them are positive for yeast. He has a full blown systemic infection going on. They are sending the cultures out for further testing. Knowing all of this they are now saying that it is going to take longer than 2 - 4 days to get this under control. At this point, they are worried that the infection could possibly attack one of his organs. A renal ultrasound has been done and at this point his kidneys look okay. And the echo cardiogram showed that so far everything is okay in regards to his heart valves.

Please continue to pray for Dad and Mom as they go through all of this.

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