Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday's Update

Dad remains in the neurotrauma unit. He is on an anti fungal medication to try to take care of the infection. So far they have been able to diagnosis the type of yeast in the urine, but have not yet diagnosed the type of yeast in the bloodstream. Hopefully they are both the same. If they are, the anti fungal he is presently on should take care of the infection in the bloodstream also.

So far his echo cardiogram looks okay. His heart valves will continue to be monitored and there will probably be future echo cardiograms just to make sure the valves are okay.

There is a possibility that things will improve enough in the next 2 - 4 days that he could go back to the rehabilitation unit. Until then, physical therapists and speech therapists will work with him where he is. It just will not be at the same level that he would have in rehabilitation.

As far as outward appearance goes, Dad is looking a little better today and is more alert today albeit confused. But he has been rather weakened by all of this and has not had the strength to eat much by mouth.

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