Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday's Update

After the CT Scan of the brain yesterday, a decision was made to do an MRI of the heart. The CT Scan show more enlargement of the left and right ventricles than there has been previously. It also showed a shadow on the right occipital lobe, therefore the decision to do an MRI. The conclusion drawn from these tests was that two more strokes (Ischemic) have occurred. This type of stroke is where a clot has been thrown off by the artificial heart valves and gone to the brain. The increase of fluid is probably the reason for his being a lot less responsive and very sleepy.

The neurosurgeon was in and showed the scans to Mom today. At this point, with Dad having suffered two more strokes while being on blood thinners, a shunt placement will not even be considered now. The neurosurgeon and the neurologist will continue to watch him on a daily basis. Dad is also scheduled for another CT Scan of the brain on Monday.

With the heart throwing off little blood clots, it is the doctor's opinion that there is undoubtedly something wrong with his valves. The plan is to do a Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) where they should be able to see if infection has gone from his bloodstream to his heart valves.

Please pray that God's will be done in this entire situation.


Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear of the back set in your father's health. Be assured that we are remembering your parents in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Dixie, Just to let you know that your dad and mom are continually in our thoughts and in our hearts. Your daddy has to be so very very tired. I can say that I "know" that your mom just has to be also. We especially think of you (the go-between) in all of this. Thank you honey for keeping the many, many ones be a part of what is going on in your lives. It makes us feel like "family-folk" and it enables us to pray in an informed way.
I love you, Dixie. My heart goes out to each one of you. I am glad God is in control of all of this. It will only be Him that can strengthen all of you. We will continue on in prayer.
Love, Nancy Gadley

Char said...

We continue to think of and pray for your family. May God give you His peace and strength.

Shirley Dye said...

Dixie, we had special prayer for your Mom and Dad tonight. Just want you to know that I'm up (11:37 pm) and thinking about the Weingard Family.

Archibald family said...


We think of your family often and pray for them. If you talk to your mom let her know we are praying for them.


Valorie said...

Dear Weingard Family,
We are saddened to learn of your husband/father's passing. As a Church family, we have continued to pray for him and for you. Please know that our prayers are with you now, in this very difficult time.
In Christian love,
Pastor Duane Quesenberry
& Salem Bible Methodist

Nancy said...

We are so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Please know that you are in our prayers. The Burcaws.