Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sledding and Snow Fun!

The kids had great fun playing outside in the snow today. Below are a few snapshots I took.


Samuel sledding down the hill.

Samuel pulling the sled back up our small hill!

Curtis getting ready to use the trash can as a form to build a snow fort.

Alex working on the fort with Curtis looking on!

Alex still at it!

Alex working hard!

Curtis pushing that trash can in to form the fort.


Briana at the bottom of the hill. I am not sure why she was sitting on the ground and not the sled.

Briana playing with snow.

My baby girl - Julissa
My favorite picture of the day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Julissa Enjoying the Snow!

Julissa really enjoyed herself today out in the snow. She didn't want to come in and stayed out until she absolutely had to come in.

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Fun in the Snow!

After our school day, the kids went out to play for a little bit.

Curtis helping Julissa put on her mittens.

Samuel throwing snow up in the air and letting it fall down on him.

Alex sitting in the snow.

Briana kneeling in the snow.

Julissa picking up snow.






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Shoveling Snow

The boys shoveling out the end of the driveway before Jeff got home from work.



Alex with cold hands. I think this picture is cute!

Alex now has gloves on and can work without freezing his hands.

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... (Version 2)

I have taken more photos on a different setting on my camera (normal is just a setting on the dryer) after having heard from my husband in regards to my initial post. Hopefully these pictures of the snow look a little better than the first ones. We have at least 11 inches of snow now. It has quit snowing. The sky is now a beautiful blue and the sun is shining.

Pictures Taken in Front of Our House

The front of our house.

Another photo of the house.

The Bamboo Tree in front of our house.

This is looking down the street to the right of our house.

Another photo of the street with our mailbox in the foreground.

This is looking down the street to the left of our house.

Our neighbor's truck.

This is looking down the sidewalk to the left of our house.

This is looking down the sidewalk to the right of our house.

Snow in the tree.

A sparrow in the tree.

Another tree in our front yard.

Two sparrows in the snow in front of our house.

Now we are walking around the house to view the woods behind our home.

The grass alongside the garage.

Here we are looking down the driveway to the woods.

A little further down the drive now and a little closer to the woods.

We can now see the outline of the creek bed below.

The creek bed covered with snow and shadows.

More of the creek bed and land beyond.

We are looking behind the neighbor's house now.

The woods directly behind the house.

The woods with the creek bank in the distance.

More of the woods behind the house.


A nest high up in the tree covered with snow. I am glad it is not my home.

Another nest in another tree.

Three nests in this picture.
We have quite a few nests in the trees behind the house and I think they are all squirrel's nests.
This picture was taken from inside the house looking out the back door.

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