Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Alexander!

Today my youngest boy turned 8 years old. At his request, we had Mexican Chow Mein for supper. Then we had Chocolate Bundt Cake for dessert. This cake is really easy to make and very good! He then opened his birthday gifts in front of our Christmas tree. It was either the day before or two days before Alex was born that we had Christmas with Jeff's family at our house. So this wasn't the first year the tree was still up on his birth day!

Alex is my boy that loves to build things out of legos, etc. He will sit and play for hours with blocks and those small plastic army figures. He also loves to read. He basically taught himself to read. Even though he is only in second grade, he keeps up with the older boys in reading. He also loves math! He takes after his Papa in this regard. It is amazing the difference in a child who loves math and one who does not. They think in a totally different manner - it is like a lot of things are thought about in terms of numbers.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Alexander!

The cake

Alex with his cake.

New PJ's.

A new Bible.

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Barbara said...

Nice cake!! Looks yummy. Better than the last 2 birthday cakes!! No offence! :)

~Heather~ said...

The cake was beautiful and looks yummy. Happy Belated birthday to your son.

I forgot to answer your question that you asked about whether we took a lot of the pics that I have down the side of my blog. Yes, either Phillip or I have taken them. Since I don't have a JCPennies to run to, God has been giving me fun ideas for taking our kids pictures.

Have a great day in Jesus!

Nancy said...

I tried the cake recipe for company this past Sunday. YUM! Thanks!