Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Julissa!

This past Saturday, my baby girl turned 4! Where has time gone?! Below are a few pictures from her birthday. This year, Grandma, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Lyndi were here to celebrate with us.
The Chocolate Bundt Cake has been popular this year. We have now had it for three birthdays in a row which is great as it is extremely easy to make.

It was difficult to get her to stay still enough to take a picture! Thus many different poses as I quickly snapped pictures.

Another picture of Julissa and the cake!

Julissa with a new doll. The doll's name is Anne Shirley!

Julissa opening her play cell phone!

A hopscotch play rug!

A princess pinball game!

Julissa has really enjoyed playing with snap dolls. So when I found this cute Shih Tzu puppy with snap on outfits I had to get it for her. She really loves puppies and kittens.

The girls enjoying time with Uncle Matt and Aunt Lyndi!

Julissa and Aunt Lyndi

An interesting picture taken by Sam. Mom at the kitchen sink with Jeff and I at the stove. We were either fixing Sunday dinner or cleaning up afterwards.

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Heidi said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lissie!!
We love you!

Barbara said...

Beautiful cake, Dixie! I just HAD to say that after my rude comment I made before about other cakes... Your mom so sweetly shared your "who is she" comment with me. I hope to meet you yet! I have come to love your mother and just know I would love you too! :) Keep up the good cake making! Barb