Sunday, February 01, 2009

Scenery Photos from PA

Here are a few pictures of PA that I got from my sister Jodi. I ended up in PA without my normal SD card for my camera so I didn't really get many pictures.
The view near the cabins where we all stayed when we were together in PA in December.

I really miss all the pine trees in PA.

These are the kind of roads I traveled all my growing up years. The roads are very hilly and curvy. It didn't really matter how much snow we got we generally still went to church or school. Most years the roads were snow packed all winter. It was quite different when we moved to Cincinnati where all shuts down with the slightest snowfall.

A bridge in Cook Forest. We spent many a field trip/picnic day here in Cook Forest during my school years. We hiked many a trail, crossed many a bridge, and played a lot of softball in Cook Forest.

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Rachel said...

Oh the beauty of Pennsylvania!! I only live 2 and 1/2 hours away from "home", but don't get there near enough! Like you, I have many memeories of Cook Forest and all the trees and fun! 'sniff' Makes me homesick! =)