Monday, June 15, 2009

A Short Update

It has been a busy little over a week. The first weekend of June, we were honored with a visit with my mother and friends from Kansas. It was great to visit with Todd and Elizabeth Hamilton and their children. My children were sorry to see their children go. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit as did we. Sorry, no pictures.

Then we attended a wedding the Saturday afternoon of June 6th. It deserves a blog post of its own. I will get to that later.

ICHA campmeeting started this past Tuesday and we were privileged to be able to attend all the evening services and then two services on Sunday. It was a delight to see family and friends as well. Again, no pictures. I haven't been doing a good job of taking my camera with me of late.

Today Jeff has taken the day off work and we are all just recouping from a very busy time. It has been a very busy time for him at work with meetings, etc. So he felt the need for a day just to catch his breath and get a few things done around home. Tomorrow it will be back to school and work as normal. We are hoping that by July 2nd, we will be finished with school for the year. Then a month later it will be time to start again. With that said, I need to get school books ordered for next year and get my lesson planning started.

I will try to not let so much time lapse between blog posts.

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