Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Down and One Hundred Seventy-Eight To Go!

The boys and I started school yesterday morning. We have had two long but productive days. Hopefully, all the kinks will be worked out of our schedule by the end of the week. Then we will add Briana and Julissa to the mix next Monday which could prove to be very interesting. One can only hope that things will start pulling together a little quicker than they have been the last couple of days, so that I can find some time in the day for the girls.

We have quite a variety when it comes to curriculum this year. I won't bore all of you with a list of it, but if are interested in seeing what we are using you may browse the links below.





I didn't even think to take first day of school pictures! I guess it will have to be first week of school pictures now. I will try to get back soon with some kind of school pictures!


The Salisburys said...

Good luck in the new school year! I start homeschooling Luke for K5 next Monday. I am a bit nervous....new things are always scary at first!

Hope you all are doing great!

Nancy said...

Already! Krista is in 4-H this year and is taking a goat to the fair. Canfield Fair doesn't end until Labor Day. I don't think it is even worth trying to start before then. She has much to do to prepare.

Blessings on your year!

Bev said...

I am with you Dixie, we are on day 4, can get them started. I am meeting with resistance. I think they are tired as I am with the change of schedule. They are doing great time wise, they have been getting done by lunch, I am sure it will not always be that easy but we are going to keep on keeping on. Oh, by the way how is Lyndi. Chat later, Bev.

Dixie said...

Carla, I hope you have a great year! What are you using with Luke for K5? My first year homeschooling K, we used pretty much all ABeka.

Nancy, We take two weeks off in September. We almost always go on family vacation over Labor Day, thus my early start.

Bev, It is nice to see that I am not the only one that has started school already. Lyndi is doing okay, but is still on bedrest. She is 34 weeks today, so not much longer to go.


Life of a plainlady said...

So glad to know I am not the only one who's trying to get all brains geared up and in line for school. I spent the first day just trying to figure out where I had put all the stuff I intended on using this year! We have actually spent several hours doing lessons so that is an accomplishment.