Friday, September 04, 2009

Our 2nd Stop

After leaving Portland Head Light, we went to find a place for lunch. We ate at The Lobster Shack at Twin Lights. It was definitely an expensive tourist trap. Again I didn't remember to take a picture of the restaurant or any of us sitting there with our food. But my husband took pictures of the kids playing on the rocks nearby.

One of the lights on Cape Elizabeth.

Julissa, Briana and Curtis. The other two are way out in the distance.

Curtis heading out to join the other two.

Curtis still going forward.

Sam and Alex looking for shells, etc.

The three boys

Curtis has finally joined up with the other two boys.

Briana and Julissa climbing back up.

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Nancy said...

I enjoy looking at your pictures! Although I don't coment as often as I should :( Anyway, looks like a restful beautiful! Someday we would like to take a trip up there ourselves.