Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cape Cod Bay - Private Beach

This is our third full day of vacation (September). It was a beautiful afternoon, so we spent it on the beach.

I am just now getting more vacation photos posted. I understand that many people are probably not interested in them, but that is okay because this is for my record more than anything.


Samuel and Briana looking for shells.

Alex enjoying the water.

Julissa watching Alex filling his bucket with sand.

Curtis, Briana and Alex enjoying the water.

Alex, Samuel, and Curtis (Sam, of course, had to be at least a step or two further out than anyone else.)

My sister Heidi walking down the beach!

The view to the left of me.

Interesting rock towers

A close-up of one of the rock towers.


The kids enjoyed playing with the seagulls. They found a brightly colored lighter in the water and would pick it up and throw it. The gull would get it, carry it off, and eventually drop it. If you look closely you can see that he has dropped it and it is about to reach the water. The kids and the gulls did this over and over.

Another seagull

The view to the right of me.


Randel Family said...

I Can't believe your kids are in the Water lol

Brenda said...

Enjoyed these pictures - the water looks SO inviting! I'm sure the kids loved it. I was holding Clayton in my lap when we were looking at them and when he saw the pictures of the kids he said, "Hi!" :-)

The Salisburys said...

These are beautiful pictures! Hope you all are well!

Send me and email if you don't mind. I have info for you about our next field trip if you would be interested! I haven't forgotten...we just haven't taken any more yet!

Dixie said...

Brenda - That is too cute!

Dixie said...

Carla, I sent you an email. Hopefully it will reach you.