Saturday, September 05, 2009

Musket Firing Demonstration at Bunker Hill

While we were visiting Bunker Hill, we were able to see a park ranger demonstrating the firing of a musket. My kids really enjoyed this. In fact, we were there long enough the kids got to see it twice.

The Park Ranger giving us a little background info about the battle of Bunker Hill and the musket.

He is waiting on the sidelines while another park ranger does some talking.

The park ranger demonstrating the use of the bayonet on the end of the musket.

Check out the glasses that they are required to wear!

The kids and Uncle Mike watching the demonstration.

The Park Ranger and the kids

My Mom (the History Prof.) holding Brown Bess (the musket).

The Park Ranger and Mike

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you could enlarge the pic of Mom for us all for christmas Jodi